UNSW Test Turbine Vibration and Pressure Measurements

Description: Measurements contain vibration and pressure readings on a simplified turbine test rig. Measurements were taken at a constant speed of 2000 rpm. The test rig consists of a 19 blade arrangement. Measurements are provided for all 19 blades of nominally the same dimension. An additional measurement is also provided for one blade being of a smaller dimension to simulate a blade fault. Further information of the test setup can be found at he corresponding publication link below.
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Measured by: Gareth Forbes
Contact Email: Gareth.Forbes@curtin.edu.au
Measurement Date: 02/07/10
License: Creative Commons Licence
Test Turbine Vibration and Pressure Measurements by Gareth Forbes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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Nominal Machine Health: Good condition and with fault (see description above for details)
Country: Australia
State: New South Wales
City: Kensington
Street: Barker Street
Power rating: Nominal 5 kW
Nominal speed: 2000 rpm
Turbine Blade description: 19 flat blade arrangement
Turbine Blade dimensions: 20x50x1.2mm and 20x50x0.8mm(simulated fault)
Sample rate: 65336 Hz
Record length: 10 seconds
Measurement Channels:
Channel No: 1
Location: Turbine casing pressure tapping
Sensor type: 1/4 inch microphone
Channel No: 2
Location: Turbine casing
Sensor type: Accelerometer
Channel No: 3
Location: Input shaft
Sensor type: Proximity probe (once per rev tachometer signal)