High speed gear dataset

Description: Radial vibration measurements taken on 3MW wind turbine pinion gear. For the fault case (case 1) initial vibration readings showed high vibration levels, the machine was stopped after one week and fault on pinion gear found as shown in image below. Two other vibration readings (case 2 and 3) are given from pinion gears of different wind turbines of the same model with no known faults.
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Download Link – Case 1 with fault (47.6 MB)
Download Link – Case 2/3 without fault (56.2 MB)
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Measured by: Eric Bechhoefer
Contact Email: ebechhoefer@gmail.com
Measurement Date: Unkown
License: Creative Commons License
High speed gear dataset by Eric Bechhoefer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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Nominal Machine Health: Case 1: with fault
Case 2/3: in good condition
Power rating: 3 MW
Nominal speed: 1800rpm
Number of teeth on pinion: 32
Measurement Channels:
Channel: 1 (gs)
Sample rate: 97656 Hz
Record length: 6 seconds
Unit: ‘g’
Axis Measured: Radial
Sensor Type: Accelerometer
Channel: 2 (tach)
Sample rate: 8/rev (constant angular sampling)
Record length: 40 seconds (approximately)
Unit: time (s)
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